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Billing and Insurance

We do our own “in-house” billing at the Neurac Institute. As a courtesy, we are willing to contact your insurance company to verify if you have coverage for our type of services. Additionally, we will submit all claims to your insurance company at no additional cost to you.


We are in-network with Medicare only. We choose NOT to participate with any other insurance company, in order to support our commitment to offer you 60 minutes of our undivided attention at each and every visit. Please understand that it would not be possible to offer you this “concierge” level of service, if we were to accept the dwindling reimbursement rates from most insurance companies. (Fortunately, Medicare has been able to maintain its rates at an acceptable level). Every aspect of our business revolves around you. Instead of a cramped treatment environment dictated by insurance payers, our “quality over quantity” model provides a more personalized setting where your healthcare needs always come first.


What does it mean to go out-of-network? This just means that you will probably pay more for each session than if you were to go within your insurance network. If you have out-of-network coverage, we can still submit claims to your insurance company. Typically, you will be subject to a yearly deductible before your insurance company starts kicking in. You will also owe any remaining amount (referred to as “co-insurance”) that your insurance company does not pick up.


Our rates are fair and reasonable:


Therapy Rates:

$80 for an initial physical therapy evaluation
$110 per one-hour treatment session


Fitness Rates:

$65 for a private fitness session ($55 senior rate)
$45 for a semi-private fitness session
$20 for an independent fitness session


For non-Medicare patients our policy is to put your credit card on file; and within 48 hours after each appointment, we will electronically process your card for the full amount billed. Even though we do NOT participate with your insurance network, we are able to submit insurance claims for you. We will instruct your insurance company to send all reimbursement checks directly to you.


For Medicare patients our policy is to first electronically submit claims to Medicare as a contracted, in-network provider. After Medicare processes those claims, we will forward them to your secondary insurance company (if applicable) for any additional coverage. Finally, we will send you a billing statement for any remaining “allowable” amount that was not covered by Medicare or your secondary insurance company. Please be aware that Medicare has a yearly deductible that must first be met. Some secondary insurance companies also have a yearly deductible.


For Fitness clients our policy is to put your credit card on file; and within 48 hours after each appointment, we will electronically process your card for the full amount billed. Most insurance companies do not cover fitness services.




At the Neurac Institute, protection of your confidential health and financial information is taken very seriously. We utilize a secure HIPAA-compliant online company to receive your electronic communications, such as when collecting and maintaining your credit card information. This company employs a host of safeguards to enable the Neurac Institute (and thousands of other medical practices) to be secure and HIPAA compliant. Your electronic information is protected with SSL encryption and authentication. In addition to being encrypted by 128-bit encryption while in transit, your data is encrypted on the server. Additionally, all access is fully audited to comply with HIPAA regulations internally on the server. This system is backed up routinely and the data center meets stringent security and data integrity requirements.


If you have any questions about our billing policy or how we protect your financial information, please contact our Billing Department at or by calling (609) 466-9004