REDCORD NEURAC (NEURomuscular ACtivation) is a pain-free rehabilitation and treatment approach that utilizes specialized equipment consisting of suspension ropes, slings and bungee cords. NEURAC aims to restore muscle stability and pain-free movement patterns through carefully designed exercises and stabilization techniques that "re-activate" the body's neuromuscular system. NEURAC involves precise movements that demand total body awareness, core control, muscle stability and coordination while exercising in the unsteady ropes. NEURAC also involves the application of Redcord's "bungee assistance" system that gives the practitioner a unique ability to off-load your bodyweight with slings and elastic bungee cords. This innovative feature provides support to your head, trunk, and/or extremities throughout the exercise, in order to correct your form and biomechanics, while avoiding pain and compensation. NEURAC has been shown to enhance functional muscle stability and neuromuscular efficiency for the successful management of acute and chronic pain, musculoskeletal conditions, and neurological disorders. This is an evidence-based approach with more than 20 years of practical evidence and with over 40 published articles to its credit. At the Neurac Institute, our Physical Therapists have extensive experience in administering this treatment. READ MORE













PILATES is a system of "mind-body" exercise that has evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates. At the Neurac Institute we practice a contemporary style of Pilates that comes from Body Arts and Science International (BASI). The routines consist of a series of exercises performed on specialized equipment, such as a Pilates Reformer, that utilizes metal springs and the user's own bodyweight as resistance. Pilates can dramatically transform the way someone looks, feels and performs. It builds a stable core - flat abdominals and a strong back - while promoting better body awareness, quality of movement, balance, breathing strategies, and postural control and alignment. At the Neurac Institute we have two Certified Pilates Instructors. We integrate Pilates into our physical therapy treatments, fitness routines and sports conditioning regimens. Additionally, we offer an exclusive exercise program designed specifically for breast cancer survivors who have undergone surgery.












MANUAL THERAPY is a variety of specialized, hands-on assessment and treatment techniques designed to reduce pain, improve tissue health, and enhance joint, muscle and nerve mobility. The manual therapy techniques we administer at the Neurac Institute include joint mobilization and manipulation, manual stretching, myofascial release, desensitization massage, and nerve mobilization. We believe that these passive techniques MUST be combined with active exercise to achieve lasting change.




















FITNESS is a customized exercise routine performed on the Redcord and Pilates equipment. Our fitness sessions are offered on a private (1:1) or semi-private (2:1) basis. Many patients take advantage of this program, as their course of physical therapy approaches an end. We recommend 1-2 sessions per week in order to stay strong and healthy for the long term.






















REDCORD SPORT is an assessment and training program utilizing Redcord suspension to maximize stability and neuromuscular efficiency for a specific sport. First we take the athlete through a comprehensive movement screen to identify areas of weakness and imbalance that can hinder performance. Based on this assessment, we introduce "Corrective" exercises that target these areas and create a foundation of muscle strength needed to stabilize the body. Utilizing a Redcord "Mini" the athlete is able to perform these exercises at home and at the gym.