Welcome to the Neurac Institute - Your Preferred Choice for Physical Therapy and Fitness. This is not your typical PT clinic. We provide a truly unique experience that rivals conventional methods. Every aspect of our business revolves completely around you; and we specialize in a revolutionary neuromuscular approach to treatment and exercise, called Redcord Neurac. In fact, the Neurac Institute is proud to be recognized as the Educational Headquarters for Redcord Neurac training and mentorship within the United States.


Quality One-on-One Care
Your time is highly valued at the Neurac Institute. At each and every session, our Physical Therapists provide a full 60 minutes of undivided attention just to you. This “concierge” level of service is unheard of in today's fast-paced healthcare system. Unfortunately, due to insurance reimbursement cuts, it has become common practice for Physical Therapists to double, triple or even quadruple up their patients during a treatment hour. To make it even worse, they must delegate skilled services to non-licensed and less qualified personnel that can help carry out treatments to multiple patients at the same time. We are much different at the Neurac Institute. Our Physical Therapists take great pride in delivering premium one-on-one care that really gets results!


A Unique Approach
The Neurac Institute features state-of-the-art Redcord suspension systems. This is the same equipment utilized by the U.S. Olympic Training Committee, and by Princeton University’s Athletic Training Staff. Comprised of a series of ropes, slings and bungee cords, the Redcord system is designed to administer neuromuscular-based treatment and fitness routines to persons of any age and any ability level. The results can often be dramatic, sometimes with immediate relief of pain and significant improvements in function.


Our History and Mission
The Neurac Institute is owned and operated by Physical Therapists as a New Jersey Professional Association. We opened our first facility in 2004 with a mission to create an optimal environment for athletes and everyday people to restore health and perform better. Today, we have multiple facility locations in the Greater Princeton Area offering concierge rehabilitation and fitness services.


Our patient-centered approach, highly educated staff, and distinctive neuromuscular focus have positioned the Neurac Institute as a leading authority and a preferred provider of Physical Therapy and Fitness for the 21st Century.








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