Welcome to the Neurac Institute - Your Preferred Choice for Physical Therapy and Fitness. We provide a premium “one-on-one” experience that rivals conventional therapies. Every aspect of our business revolves around you. We are obsessed with "the outcome" and committed to helping you restore health and perform better. We also specialize in a revolutionary neuromuscular approach to treatment and exercise, called Redcord Neurac. In fact, the Neurac Institute is proud to be recognized as the Educational Headquarters for Redcord Neurac training and mentorship within the United States.


Quality One-on-One Care
We highly value your time at the Neurac Institute. You will receive 60 minutes of undivided attention and expertise from a licensed Physical Therapist at each and every session. This “concierge” level of service is unheard of in today's fast-paced healthcare system. Unfortunately, due to insurance reimbursement cuts, it has become common practice for Physical Therapists to double, triple or even quadruple up their patients during a treatment hour. To make it even worse, they must delegate skilled services to non-licensed and less qualified personnel that can help carry out treatments to a higher volume of patients.


A Unique Approach
The Neurac Institute is fully equipped with some of the latest technologies in rehabilitation and fitness. Our focus is on the neuromuscular system and how it influences human movement and performance. We utilize state-of-the-art Redcord suspension and Pilates exercise apparatuses, along with other innovative tools and hands-on methods, to help our patients and fitness clients achieve results that are unsurpassed. Our Physical Therapists have specialized expertise in the areas of movement assessment, manual therapy, and neuromuscular-based exercise and treatment.


Our History and Mission
The Neurac Institute is owned and operated by Physical Therapists, as a New Jersey Professional Association (P.A.). Our first facility opened in 2004 with a mission to create an optimal setting for people in the Greater Princeton Area to restore health and perform better. We have been able to accomplish this mission through our “concierge” level of care utilizing best-in-practice tools and methods from around the world.


Our patient-centered approach, highly educated staff, and distinctive neuromuscular focus have positioned the Neurac Institute as a leading authority and a preferred provider of Physical Therapy and Fitness for the 21st Century.








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